Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Big group to subgroup,
subgroup to small group....
This usually happen in study life,
Is it shows that students are not mature enough?LOL
I saw too much of these cases during my secondary school,
as well as in university.
When i was in foundation, i knew alot of new friends *LS,MY,Stella,Mic,Suh yi, Cloudy, Darence, Sam, Jee, Ment, Kit, Shirley, Cindy.....
We even join our tables when we lunch in chilipeppers, it was fun!
As the time going, subgroup start to be formed in 2nd sem,
and my small group was formed too :)
That's the time we start to mix together everyday, from day to night.
We went to breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper together.
Well, due to the request from parents, we still reach home before 11pm.
We also went to Damai together.
Here come to the 3rd sem,
we start to plan trip to other places ---- KL
It was fun and memorable trip i guess.
4th sem,
one of the member has left the group,
due to some problems.
The time we mix together is not long like before anymore,
but we still lunch together everyday,
sometimes we went to play badminton or night tea too~
5th sem,
which just started at 21Feb,
our group even smaller now,
due to some clashes in our timetable,
we only able to lunch together sometimes.
Till today, we haven't go out for night tea yet~
Hahaha....hopefully we will go out very soon!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

~elpoep olleh

Time flies~
Just a blink of eyes, it's 2011 now.
Yea, I'm officially a second year student in Swinburne.
Feb 21 was uni-reopen, it's the day which Swinburne got into trouble.
How to say?
Complaint from parents,students,lecturers,employees......
They start booming on the new car park system.
1 hour = RM1, RM40 or RM60 per month *car park at The spring even cheaper*
Can you imagine 2000 students have to fight for 500 over car parks?
Huh! lots of students not able to get the car parks,
As well as me,LOL.
Feb 23, i saw some intersting post in facebook ---- A complain latter from rocket team
I wonder whether i can share this kind of letter to my friends,
After thought of few second, I share it at last.
Well, alot of swinburn-ian 'like' it and kept comment on the letter.
I guess Swinburne had just went too over toward students.
Increase in school fees, new car park system, from 14weeks reduce to 12weeks per sem, from 2 sem a year changed to 3 sem per year.
On the next day, the letter of complain appear in most of the newspaper.
It became topic of the day in Swinburne *i guess*
After the fight/complain, they finally change the system,
from unlimited charges changed to max RM4 per day.
I personally think that the charges are more fair to everyone as it's not too expensive and mostly can afford it.

Monday, August 9, 2010

难忘之旅 part 1

但是人多好玩嘛,我们不介意 XD
这一天,09/07/10 终于到了

#1 我们八个人(我在拍照)在check-in包包

#2 洋和Clement都穿着ROCKER的衣服

#3 有点像在吃大便纸


#4 在金加湾吃晚餐


#5 女生

#6 男生

#7 我还蛮喜欢这个帽子的~很cool哦

#8 爸爸女儿

#9 在厕所的我们

#10 在保龄球场等待



最后我们只好到湾仔喝茶 =)

#12 都有不同的姿势 XD

#13 他们在享用‘古天乐’

...To be continue...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Damn Boring...

Lundu trip~
Sing K~
I missed the FUN activities with my lovely friends!
I feel so sad.....
Really really sad.....

Jee offered to fetch me from SA to Kch, but i rejected him....
I cannot join, it is too rush for me....
Sometimes, it's not i don't want to join, but too last minute for me....
I need to spend time to drive to Kuching, join the trip then back to SA again, it's tired~
Some more i lend my car to my cousin...
I need people to fetch me for dinner or lunch in Kch, it's so troublesome....
I might bring troublesome to people if i asked them to go out for dinner so often since their mum had cooked for them.
I will feel paiseh also....

Well, hopefully i can join again next time.....
DON'T abondon me ya!
Swingang~ enjoy the waterfall trip tomorrow.....
And of course, the coming KL trip!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's holiday time~

Bola bola bola bola~~~
World Cup started and my HOLIDAY started too....=)
i love holiday....

There are so much thing i need to do during this
holiday, and all of these are relate to MONEY~~
I will be going to KL with some frienzy on next week~ *i feel so excited!!
After that, i am going to China with mum and grandma....=D
I will spend around 2 weeks for travelling, hope i can enjoy much much.....

Due to the coming trips,
I bought a DSLR's so cool....
I like it so much~
Hope i can take as much photo as i can......*lecturer told me must fully use the resource, i won't forget it =D
After all, i know i am in financial crisis....
Whoever has any job to introduce, please let me know ya!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

tiny update with no photo at all...

I have few tests and assignments currently...
My result is not that satisfied......
Is it playing too many?
I don't know.....

Start from this sem, i had sick for 3 times.....
Average once per month......
I am damn weak......T_T
Coughing + sore throat + fever + flu = sick for 3 weeks....
haiz.......take care,everyone.....

Recently, i had fooled by people in facebook.......
Comment and 'like' flooded my email.....
i had no comment on it.....
Really speechless with

i will update more photo on the next post, because the line tonight is damn bad....
Cannot upload even one photo.....hmmm....

Sunday, April 4, 2010

i need motivation!!!

i have no motivation at all.......
There are lots of assignment are waiting for me to be done....
SOmetimes i feel so scare about it.....
But, i have no mood to do it.....
This is not a fool.....
The assignment will decide how your result going on.....
I ever experienced once in the first sem...
Due to the in-cooperate member, it affect my final result....
I don't like it.....i hate it!!
But what to do......
I told myself, i have to choose the right group member next time....
All of the assignment in this sem are grouping assignment, i hope i had chose the correct one~

Last few days, i saw a word....
I start to think....
Does this happen to us????
Some people say:
Every body keep changing....
They are different from the day you met, different from the one u think......
Is it real.....
For me, i quite agree with this....
We had changed~

BUT FRIENDSHIP will never change~~